samedi 23 novembre 2013


I start a new calendar for 2014 and here is the cover. I am not completely satisfied with the result, the stamped image on top blurred because of a reaction between gesso and the ink I used. The stamps are by PaperArtsy (background1) and I tried the technique posted by Liz with paint and cling film.
Je commence un nouveau calendrier pour 2014 et voici la couverture. Je ne suis pas très satisfaite du résultat, en tamponnant sur du gesso l'encre a réagit et l'image est devenue floue. Les tampons sont de PaperArtsy (background1) et j'ai essayé la technique proposée par Liz avec du film alimentaire et de la peinture.

2 commentaires:

Darcy Marshall a dit…

Nobody would know that the blurring was not intentional, I can't see anything wrong with it at all. Looks well balanced and effective to me.

Craftyfield a dit…

Love it ! It's fresh and fun.