mercredi 1 juin 2011

Wednesday stamper - numbers

This week's challenge on Wednesday stamper is to incorporate a number ...I added the date on my label. This is a present for a person who is flying in a few weeks to New York.

The stamps are by Infinimentscrap:

New-York inspiration
Ruban "Voyage"

7 commentaires:

Femmy a dit…

beautiful work!!

Hermine a dit…

Great present!

Lorraine a dit…

what a clever idea love this

~*~Patty S a dit…

lovely travel journal...what a perfect gift!

Anjas-Artefaktotum a dit…

A fantastic and unique idea.

melusine64 a dit…

Un adorable journal de voyage pour un séjour inoubliable Bravo !

Rosie a dit…

That's a wonderful present, great idea