mardi 1 juillet 2008

Challenge Layers of Color-Summer Respite

Lazy days of summer, resting and relaxing…that's exactly what I do after returning from work and that's why I loved the challenge (here is the link) as I spend time in the garden, listen to the birds and I am therefore less productive, I mean from an artistic point of view.
Update 3.7.It was not my intention to offend anyone and I am really sorry for people who visited my blog and found my previous work shocking. I understand that standards vary from continent and I prefer replacing my previous work with the ATC "Baignade interdite"

2 commentaires:

Laura a dit…

Oooo, ton art est tres jolie! I love the cool ocean colors, too! Bravo! (Est merci, for your thoughtful replacement!)

Claudine/josuane a dit…

C'est très joli ce bleu et noir j'adoore